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We have a team of professional surveyors offering to complete building surveys to provide detailed information on the overall condition of a property. Many people use this service because they're thinking about investing in a building but don't know if it's worth it. They can hire us to get a feel for the building's condition by having us complete a survey that involves inspecting different parts of the property, including the state of various components and materials.

The Significance of a Level 3 Building Survey

Our experts provide different survey levels, including Level 1,2 and Level 3 Surveys. However, the difference is that the Level 3 Survey is more comprehensive and in-depth than the Level 1 or Level 2 option. When we complete these surveys, we're looking at everything and anything to provide the latest and most accurate information possible in our report. We want to carefully inspect the structure of the property and the building's condition while identifying problems that need to be addressed.

Although it's not necessary for everyone who needs a building survey, some people can benefit tremendously from the Level 3 Survey, such as:

  • People with Plans to Buy an Outdated Property. There is a more significant risk of structural damage and other issues with outdated properties because these buildings have existed for such a long time.
  • People Who'd Like to Update an Outdated Property. Some people already own older, outdated properties but would like to renovate them and make significant adjustments. Our Level 3 Survey helps clients understand what they're getting into before they get started.

While many can benefit from the Level 3 Survey, others may only need a simpler version, such as the Level 2 Survey, which still provides valuable details on the condition of a building.

A Routine House Survey

While we offer numerous surveying services to our clients, the routine house survey is one of the services people choose to use most. When performing this convenient service, we're offering our clients details on the property's boundaries and the home's overall condition. Someone thinking about buying a home can benefit tremendously from investing in a routine house survey for these reasons:

  • Prevent Common and Costly Issues -  If you want to make sure you're not running into severe problems in the future that could cost you thousands of pounds for repairs and maintenance, you should hire us to complete the survey for you.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind - Rather than worrying about what might go wrong with their home, they'll know that they're living in a sturdy house that won't fall apart within a few weeks or months.
  • Spend Less Money - While a building survey isn't a free service, it's worth every penny spent and for a good reason. Our clients can feel good knowing they'll spend less money over time while living in the home they've invested in because we carefully inspected the property from top to bottom to check for any signs of wear, tear, and structural issues.

RICS Surveyor London

We Provide a Comprehensive RICS Building Survey

Our RICS Building Survey is a comprehensive and detailed survey that clients can appreciate when they want all the fine details on a building. Not only do we include information from our findings, but we also take the time to offer expert advice that our clients can benefit from following. The guidance includes details on the work they'd need to do and the estimated cost of any repairs and adjustments they could make. In addition, we make sure the survey covers the details on various components of a building, including its windows, doors, floors, and ceilings.

While traditional inspectors tend to overlook different parts of a home, we make up for it. Our surveyors are thorough in their approach and take their time during the inspection phase to provide clients with everything they need to know about the building's overall condition.

What happens during a Structural Survey?

Structural SurveyIt's normal for those who've never experienced a structural survey to question what takes place and why this survey is so important in the first place. The process is more straightforward than most realize and typically won't take too long. Our surveyors can complete the building survey in a single day, so clients don't have to stress over making multiple appointments with us to get the job done. When we complete the survey, we arrive at the time you've selected for us to get started. Our next step is to begin checking out the building's structure, jotting down valuable details, and then creating the custom report for you.

While structural surveys and building surveys are both important, they're different from one another. The building survey involves checking the property for damage throughout the building. On the other hand, the structural survey puts more focus on the structural integrity of that building. Unfortunately, structural issues can develop within properties of all sizes, creating dangerous situations for those living or working in those buildings. Our goal is to reduce the risk by completing these valuable services and offering the reports to go with them.

What We Include in Our Structural Report

Structural Survey Report

    After we've completed the structural survey, it's time for us to provide the structural report, which holds all the details clients want to know about the building's structure. Our reports are custom-made for each client and will include details on the necessary repairs they may need to make to improve the building's structure before doing any additional work to it.

    Hire Our Professional Land and Building Surveyors Today

    Land and Building SurveyorsIf you need to have a structural survey completed, we're here to help. We understand how important it is to know more about the condition of a building before you put money into it, which is why we can complete numerous detailed surveys for you based on your specific wants and needs.

    RICS Building Surveys


    According to RICS, a Building Survey is categorised as Level 3, which makes it the most detailed RICS survey available. It looks for any problems or defects that may be concealed by flaws and provides a summary of the repair options and likely consequences of not taking any action, in addition to highlighting any visible defects.

    Are You Planning To Extend Your Property?

    Once the sale has been completed, you may want us to carry out a feasibility report for you assuming that the planning permission applied for will be granted. We also specialise in prioritising which works need to be completed first and planning maintenance work.

    A building survey does not usually include a valuation. However, if you need a valuation, please let us know.

    A building survey report will also include issues which will be useful for your legal adviser, hazardous materials, noise and disturbance, means of escape, energy efficiency and any health and safety concerns you may have.


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