A commercial survey is basically a detailed survey of commercial properties or even a portfolio of properties.

It was previously called a ‘Structural Survey’. The purpose of a commercial building survey is to identify any issues or problems with the property’s construction and condition and highlight any potential inherent problems such as, but not limited to, repairs needed to a roof or chimney chute, unstable walls and, most worryingly, subsidence.

Commercial properties are expensive, so make you sure you get a commercial building survey done on any property you own or are looking to buy to ensure you are not throwing good money after bad.


What Is A RICS Full Commercial Building Survey?

A Commercial Survey (which used to be called a ‘Structural Survey’) is a report and detailed inspection of the property’s condition and construction. Our reports are always provided in a helpful, concise and easy-to-read format.

If you are considering purchasing a commercial property anywhere in London, our commercial surveys provide an in-depth report on the state of the building, identifying any issues, describing its current state, and advising on any maintenance that may be needed in the future. The report will also specify what the building is constructed from and indicate if any Listed Building implications apply and/or if there any possible future liability concerns.

If you are thinking about purchasing a freehold property, or even taking out a lease on a commercial property in London, our expert team at London Chartered Surveyors can carry out building surveys that perfectly suit your needs. So, whether you are looking to identify the condition of the premises you are considering leasing or buying, or perhaps the property will form part of your investment portfolio, or if you are seeking advice regarding a property expansion, refurbishment or reconfiguration, a Commercial Survey will give you all the necessary information.

How Can Our Highly-Qualified Team At London Chartered Surveyors Assist You?

At London Chartered Surveyors, our surveys are designed to meet your specific requirements, such as explaining how much any necessary repair works would cost. This will help you renegotiate your lease terms or purchase price with the seller and could result in you making significant savings.

Our purpose is to issue a report that focusses on any concerns that you may have. Our commercial survey reports always provide a comprehensive summary of the property’s construction, maintenance liability and its current condition.

What Are The Benefits Of Obtaining A Commercial Survey?

Our qualified team of surveyors at London Chartered Surveyors often encounter buildings that have hidden flaws that the owner or vendor may either have not informed you of, or may even be unaware of. Therefore, it is important for any potential buyer or lessee to invest in obtaining a commercial survey. Our surveyors are specifically skilled at recognising defects and structural issues, such as damp and wet rot and damaged foundations.

In the long run, a commercial survey, conducted before leasing or purchasing premises, could end up saving you a significant sum of money by avoiding excessive maintenance and repairs, or in the worst-case scenario, insurance claims that could lead to higher insurance premiums, or even legal disputes.

At London Chartered Surveyors our professional surveyors employ specialist equipment and their years of expertise to ensure they inspect every exposed, and visible area that they can access in the premises. Once the commercial survey has been carried out, you will receive a detailed report, along with photos that will provide evidence of any issues or defects and a cost estimate for any repairs that may need to be carried out. So, if you would like our professional expert commercial surveyors to survey your commercial building anywhere in London, give us a call and book a time that suits you.


Are you planning on purchasing a freehold commercial property? Or maybe you are considering taking on a commercial property lease?

London Chartered Surveyors offer commercial building surveys to identify the condition of the premises before you buy or lease it. All of our commercial building surveys are presented in a clear and accurate way. A commercial building survey can potentially enable you to renegotiate your purchase price or lease terms if the survey identifies any defects or issues.

If you are considering signing a lease on a commercial property, the findings of a commercial building survey could allow you to waver the right to liability for any potential repairs and maintenance. One your lease expires, this could end up saving you thousands of pounds.

The survey provided to you will also include photographs and an in-depth description of each element. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t be responsible for returning the property to a higher standard than that originally described in the initial commercial building survey.


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