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Property valuation is another service that our skilled surveyors provide to clients, including those buying or selling properties. With our detailed property valuations, clients can learn more about a property's value and then decide to buy it or sell it from there. Our goal is to help individuals spend money wisely while assisting them in benefiting from the many advantages that come with this service.

RICS has established the Red Book standard and we are proud to state that all our valuations have exceeded it.

The Importance of a Property Valuation and Reasons to Get One Completed

While you may not have had a property valuation completed in the past, it's essential to know why this service is valuable and convenient for most people. Not everyone who reaches out to us for this service needs to have it done for the same reason. There are many reasons to get a property valuation, such as:

  • Income tax-related purposes.
  • Mortgage loans from financial institutions.
  • Insurance costs for more coverage.

While these are a few of the reasons our clients come to us for a property valuation, there are dozens of other reasons to use this service. We're the company to call if you'd like to have a property valuation completed because our experienced surveyors know what they're doing and provide only the most accurate information possible. Our surveyors have the training and experience needed to get the job done correctly.

Things You Can Do Before the Property Valuation

If you've decided that you'd like to have the property valuation completed because you want to sell the home to someone else and get the most money for it, you can do several things in advance to get ready for the visit. First, we always suggest giving the property a quick cleaning to get rid of dust and dirt while moving things out of the way. Second, not only should you take some extra time to give the home a quick cleaning on the inside, but you should also consider mowing the front lawn to make it look more presentable. These small changes can make a significant improvement.

The Red Book Valuation: What It Is and How You Can Benefit from the More Comprehensive Property Valuation

Our Red Book Valuation is incredibly comprehensive and ensures clients of the highest standards during the inspection process. If our clients would like a more detailed and thorough investigation of a property and its condition, they can choose to hire us to complete this specific type of valuation.

The accuracy of the Red Book Valuations goes unmatched. As a result, it's one of the reasons our clients often depend on it when they're thinking about investing in property. In addition, we often work with clients who'd like to have this valuation performed for additional reasons, such as income taxes, divorce proceedings, and even probate calculations. If you need the Red Book Valuation completed, reach out to us today for assistance. We can take care of the investigation process and provide you with detailed findings to use to your advantage.

Obtain a RICS Red Book Valuation

Let Our Skilled Surveyors Take Care of Your Property Valuation Needs

If you've decided that you'd like to have a property valuation done, contact our company today, and we'll gladly send out our highly qualified surveyors to handle the job. We want to work with you at your convenience and ask that you provide us with your availability by selecting a time and date for the appointment. After you've decided when to have our surveyors come out to the property to begin the valuation process, you can take the necessary steps to complete any quick cleaning and maintenance of the area. The cleaning and maintenance would also include taking care of the property's exterior to make it appear more aesthetically pleasing than before.


  • Property valuations for investors, property owners and homebuyers
  • Leasehold extension and enfranchisement valuations
  • Valuations for insurance
  • Co-ownership, divorce settlement and settlement valuations
  • Capital gains, probate and inheritance tax and valuations (including for non-UK residents)
  • Retrospective valuations
  • Staircasing and shared ownership valuations
  • RICS Help-to-Buy valuations


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