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When an individual decides they'd like to buy a home, it's a big deal. They may have spent years renting and are looking forward to having a place they can call their own. Buying a home is one of many significant accomplishments that people look forward to experiencing in life because it often signifies the start of everything, such as building a family and making memories in the home. Because buying a home is notable for most people, it's essential to make sure the property is in good condition before spending money on it. Our team of expert surveyors regularly provides homebuyer surveys to those getting ready to make a move to a place they can call home. If you want to have a stress-free and enjoyable experience, we encourage you to reach out to us today for help!

Why It's So Important to Get a Homebuyers Report

When we complete the homebuyer survey, we provide a homebuyer report indicating the findings of our inspection. Sure, homebuyers often have an inspector out to look at the property before they move into it. However, we follow strict protocol and have a more thorough and detailed approach to spot issues that inspectors could miss. Our surveyors can catch things that would end up costing our clients a lot of money in the long run, such as structural issues that could put them in harm’s way. When we create a homebuyers report, it includes these and other essential details for the clients to review:

  • List of potential problems found during the inspection. - Along with the rating for the different parts of the home, we provide a list of potential issues found during the inspection
  • Repair recommendations based on any damages found throughout the home. - We care about making our clients aware of the potential problems found within a home, but we're also serious about providing repair recommendations.

Because of all the valuable information included in our homebuyers report, it's no wonder why it's such a valuable thing to have before buying a home. If you're thinking about buying a home, whether it's your first time doing so or not, we recommend hiring us to complete the homebuyer survey to find out what type of condition the property is in before you agree to purchase it from the seller.

Is the RICS Homebuyer Report Good to Have When Buying a Home?

RICS Homebuyer ReportOur company provides the RICS Homebuyer Report, an excellent report to obtain when you're interested in a home and have thought about buying it. We offer Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Survey. The Level 2 Survey is the most traditional option and is an excellent solution for most clients. However, the Level 3 Survey is more comprehensive and is ideal for certain clients in specific situations. If you're not sure which type of survey is better for you, these are the situations in which a Level 2 Survey is sufficient enough:

  • The home you've thought about buying looks good
  • You'd like to get suggestions on any repairs you need to make
  • You'd like to find out if there are problems that could occur in the future

What Happens While the Surveyors Complete the Homebuyer Survey?

Homebuyer SurveyWhen our surveyors check out the property to complete the homebuyers survey, you can expect to see them looking at everything. They leave no stone unturned when completing the survey because they want to ensure they're not missing any potential issues that could put the clients at risk. You don't know what kind of a condition the home is in until you've had a thorough inspection completed by our surveyors, who take the time and put effort into everything they do. Not only are our surveyors checking everything, but they're also providing a report that includes details on the quality and condition of various components of the home, such as the windows and insulation used.

The length of time it takes to complete this type of survey varies from one home to the next. However, most of these surveys will take less than eight hours to complete. The surveys will leave potential homebuyers with more than enough information to decide if they're ready to invest in that specific property or not.

Get Your Homebuyers Survey Quote Before We Get Started with the Surveying Process

Homebuyers SurveyWhen you want to get an estimate for the cost of the survey, feel free to reach out to us. One of our team members will gladly speak with you to discuss the services you need and provide an estimate to give you an idea of the cost of our services. Our affordable rates and excellent service go unmatched.


A Homebuyer Survey is especially valuable if:

  • The building you want to buy is listed
  • You have some specific concerns about any aspect of the property
  • You are unsure about the property’s condition
  • You want to buy an unusual or old property
  • The property you are buying is timber framed or has a thatched roof


The Council of Mortgage Lenders advises that buyers who are getting, or who may even have a mortgage valuation report, would be wise to get a detailed Homebuyer Report that has been arranged by their own surveyor. This is because the mortgage valuation report isn’t intended for you, it’s intended to be used by the lender.

A mortgage valuation report is generally prepared by a bank or building society. It doesn’t go into as much detail as a Homebuyer Survey; it is just a report comprising maybe 1 or 2 pages in length, so it is not a survey as such.

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The Homebuyer Survey is a document that is generally 15-20 pages long and concisely describes the condition of the property. The survey conducted will examine the inside and the outside of the property. It typically provides a clear explanation of any problems or defects such as floors, ceilings, roofs and walls, damp course, rainwater and other items such as joinery, windows and chimneys, etc.

For a small extra fee, we can also value a property for you. If this is a service you are interested in please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.