Chimney breast removal cost

Reasons to Have a Chimney Removed

Chimneys were once an essential part of any home, but today they have become a relic of the past. With electric fires and central heating some of the most popular ways to heat modern homes, the majority of people who have a fireplace and a chimney in their home do not use them as a main heat source for the room. As a result, more and more people are taking out their old-fashioned fireplaces and removing the chimney breast to create more space in the room, while replacing the fire with a more modern heat source that does not require a chimney or flue. Others might decide to keep the chimney breast and fireplace in the home as a decorative feature that is not used for heating purposes.

Whether or not you are using your fireplace actively, your chimney stack will remain on the roof where you’ll need to maintain it. Even if you do not use the fireplace and the chimney, it may still be necessary to cover the cost of repairs – which is why having it removed might be the better choice for saving money in the future.

Why Opt for Chimney Removal?

When was the last time you used your chimney? If you can’t remember, or you have never use it, then there’s probably no longer a real need for it in your home. If this is the case, it is worth thinking about whether or not it’s worth leaving it there. The chimney stack in particular could become a liability on your home if you are using a fire that doesn’t require it or the chimney has been blocked off. You’ll still need to cover the cost of cleaning and repairs, which can be expensive for something that you do not use.

Why Chimney Stack Removal?

If you’re planning on living in your current home for a while, the ongoing cost of chimney stack maintenance can quickly add up if you are not using the chimney. Rain, wind, and ice can damage the chimney and cause there to be a risk of debris coming down into your home through the chimney breast into the fireplace or even onto the ground below where it could cause damage or injury, so you will need to invest in repairs regardless of whether or not you use the chimney. Unused chimney stacks can also lead to leaks, which can increase the risk of damp developing in your home. If you have a boarded-up fireplace but the chimney stack is still present, there is also a higher risk of ventilation problems, and moisture and soot inside can sometimes lead to unsightly stains forming on your chimney breast.

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How Much is the Chimney Stack Removal Cost?

Having a chimney stack removed is often not as expensive as you might initially think. If your chimney stack needs repairing, you might be surprised to hear that you could often save money by simply having it removed instead, if you have no use for it.

How Much is Chimney Removal Cost London?

To have your chimney stack removed, you can usually expect to pay around £900 to £1200. The final cost for the job will depend on a number of factors including the size and age of the chimney stack, and whether or not any specialised tools are required. Bear in mind that scaffolding will almost always be required to remove a chimney stack from a house, which is usually an additional cost that you will need to factor in.

What Else to Consider Aside Chimney Removal Cost?

Along with the cost of having your chimney stack removed, there are several other considerations to make before you go ahead with the job, including any building regulations and planning permission that might be required. If the removal of your chimney will affect your neighbour’s home, for example, you will be required to get a Party Wall Agreement before work can commence. There are several building regulations that you will need to take into account when having your chimney removed including fire safety, sound insulation, structural strength, room ventilation, damp prevention, and the maintenance of your neighbour’s chimney, if they still have one. Removing your chimney is usually considered to be included in permitted development and will not normally require planning permission.

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How Much is the Chimney Breast Removal Cost?

Alongside getting your chimney stack removed, you might want to also consider the removal of the chimney breast from your home. There are many reasons to consider having the chimney breast removed along with the chimney stack since it will no longer be required and can often lead to creating more space in the rooms that the old chimney stack passed through. The chimney breast will usually run up the height of your home and might be present in a bedroom even if there is no fireplace in the room. You can remove a chimney breast from all of the rooms in your home that it is present, or simply remove it from the ground floor in order to create more space in your living room. To have your chimney breast removed, you can usually expect to pay a fee of around £1500.

Which Factors Affect the Chimney Breast Removal Cost UK?

When getting your chimney breast removed, it’s important to bear in mind that there are some factors that might impact how much you will pay to have the job completed. For example, you may pay less if you are only looking to remove the chimney breast on your ground floor rather than removing it from the entire height of the property. You will also usually pay more for removing both the chimney breast and the chimney stack, since it is possible to remove the chimney breast and leave the stack in place. However, bear in mind that removing both the chimney breast and chimney stack might be more cost-effective in the long-term since even if you no longer have a chimney breast in part or all of your home, you will still be liable to pay for chimney stack maintenance and necessary repairs.

The price of having your chimney breast removed may also vary depending on a range of other factors including the size and age of the property, the ease or difficulty of access for the professionals who will be carrying out the work, and the amount of scaffolding that will be required for the job.

Chimney Breast Removal Cost London – Could it Impact the Value of Your Home?

If you plan to have your chimney breast or the breast and stack removed from your home, it’s not just important to think about how much it’s going to cost you to get the job done. It is also worth considering if having this work carried out might impact the value of your home in the future. In older properties, it is often the case that they are more valuable with the original features still intact, which could include the chimney breast, chimney stack, and any fireplaces. Another factor to consider that could even eventually reduce the overall cost of having your chimney breast and stack removed is the chance of finding potential artefacts in the chimney, particularly in older homes where there could be signed or dated bricks that have been left behind by the original builders and could be worth a significant amount.

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What are the Risks of Removing a Chimney?

Whether you want to remove your chimney breast, chimney stack, or both, it’s important to be realistic about some of the risks that it could pose for your home. Since the chimney is often a part of the home’s main structure, it should always be carried out by registered, experienced and reputable professional contractors who you can trust to do the job. It may also be worth having your chimney inspected beforehand by a chartered surveyor or structural engineer who will be able to find and make you aware of any potential issues that could interfere with the work or cause potential hazards before, during, or after the process.

While removing a chimney stack and chimney breast can be done yourself if you have the skills, it’s only worth attempting if you know that you definitely have the knowledge and skills required since the process is one that is lengthy and comes with some structural concerns. Even if you do have the skills and expertise required to do the job yourself, you might want to consult with experts to help you with the planning and provide advice throughout the process, especially if anything goes wrong.

Today, chimneys are no longer needed in most modern homes due to central heating and other modern heating methods. But regardless of if you use your chimney or not, you’ll still need to maintain and repair it. Removing your chimney can help you save money over time and taking a chimney breast out can make your home more spacious, meaning that it’s becoming a popular job for many homeowners.