How to Remove a Chimney

Remove a ChimneyAlthough a chimney can be removed from a property, this is a task that’s more complex than you might imagine. When considering chimney removal, property owners typically want to remove either or both the chimney stack and the chimney breast.





Removing a Chimney Stack

Removing a Chimney StackThe chimney stack is the part of the chimney that is visible on your roof and what most people think of when they hear the term ‘chimney’. Even if your fireplace is no longer in use or the chimney has been blocked off, you don’t need to remove the stack.

However, if the brickwork is damaged or if damp is penetrating the chimney, you may want to remove the stack. If so, the brickwork can be removed, and the roof extended to cover the gap. This can be done while leaving the chimney breast in situ, which reduces the amount of work required.



Removing a Chimney Breast

The chimney breast runs from a fireplace right through to the chimney stack and can pass through various parts of the property. As a result, the chimney breast can change the formations of many rooms and take up space that could be otherwise used. This is primarily why homeowners consider removing a chimney breast, although on-going issues, such as damp, could be a reason to consider chimney removal.

If you only want to limit the impact the chimney breast has in one room, you could consider removing just this part of the chimney and leaving the rest in place. However, even when removing a relatively small portion of the chimney, you’ll still need to reinforce the floor in the relevant room(s), as well as the one above. In some cases, removing some or all of a chimney breast means that the outer wall can require structural reinforcements too.

What Is a Chimney Breast?

Should You Remove a Chimney

Chimney breast removal during larger renovations can be easier to manage than chimney breast removal as an isolated project. While a chimney stack can be removed relatively easily, removing a chimney breast is a complex job that involves a significant amount of work.

If you’re considering chimney removal due to draughts or damp, other options may be easier and more cost-effective. Repairing the brickwork or blocking off the chimney could resolve these problems, for example. However, if you want to reclaim the space taken up by an unused chimney, removing it could be a viable option.