What to Do with Bricks with Holes

Repair Bricks with HolesMost property owners don’t spend much time inspecting the walls of their buildings but holes in brickwork affect the appearance of a wall. In addition to this, larger holes could increase the amount of water that’s absorbed by the brickwork, which could cause issues such as penetrating damp. As a result, you’ll want to visually inspect the masonry regularly, so that you can identify damage or wear and tear.




Using Silicone Caulk to Repair Bricks with Holes

Repair Bricks with HolesIf you notice holes in brickwork, you can use silicone caulk to fill them. If possible, select a caulk that matches the colour of the wall, as this will give a seamless finish. Before you begin, clean the affected area using a brush or a can of compressed air. This will remove dust and debris and ensure the silicone adheres to the surrounding substrate.

Add the silicone to the hole and use a pointing tool to level it off. Before the caulk has dried, you can also add a little brick dust to it, so that it matches the surrounding brickwork.



Using Mortar to Repair Bricks with Holes

If there is a hole in the mortar or in a brick, you can use mortar mix to repair the damage. After cleaning the area, prepare the mortar mix in accordance with the instructions. If you want to fill a hole with mortar, spray water over the affected area and apply the mortar with a pointing trowel or tool.

To repair holes in bricks with mortar, mix the mortar as you normally would but add brick dust or cement pigment to change its colour. This will ensure it matches the brickwork. Then, use a pointing trowel to add the mix to the hole and a pointing tool to level it off. Before the mortar has set, you can use a spare brick and hold it firmly against the fresh mortar. This gives the mortar the same textural appearance as the brick and enhances the finish.

How To Plug Hole in Brick

Why Do Holes Develop in Bricks?

It’s not unusual for holes to develop in bricks, particularly if the masonry has been in place for some time. Often, general wear and tear, heavy impacts or bad weather conditions are the cause. However, repairing holes in brickwork is relatively easy to do and requires minimal equipment, which means you should find it easy to fill the holes and enhance the functionality and appearance of the masonry.