How To Fill Holes in Brick

Fill Holes in BrickHoles can form in brick walls for many reasons. An old piece of mortar may become dislodged, for example, or a cable may be removed, leaving a hole in its place. Fortunately, filling holes in brick is relatively easy to do and you can ensure the wall looks as good as new in no time.





Filling Holes in Mortar

Fill Holes in BrickIf the hole is in the mortar, rather than in a brick itself, you can fill it by adding fresh mortar. Before you do this, however, be sure to clean the area thoroughly. To remove brick dust and debris from the hole, use a small, dry paintbrush or a can of compressed air.

Then, spray the affected area with water before adding fresh mortar using a pointing trowel. Make sure the mortar is packed in tightly, so that the hole is completely filled. If you want to ensure the repair is unnoticeable, use a pointing tool to shape the mortar in the same way as the existing mortar.


Filling Holes in Brick

There are numerous ways of filling holes in brick, but they all begin by cleaning and prepping the area. Again, a stiff brush and/or compressed air will help to clear dust and debris away.

For a simple way to repair holes in brick, combine water, mortar mix and concrete pigment or brick dust, so that the mortar matches the colour of the wall. Then, spray the affected brick with water and use a pointing trowel to add it to the hole. Once in place, place a spare brick over the mortar and press against it hard. This will fill the hole and give the mortar a brick-like appearance.

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Alternatively, you can use silicone caulk in a similar way. Be sure to use exterior-grade caulk, so that it withstands external weather conditions, as well as choosing a colour that matches the wall. Use a caulking gun or squeezable tube to fill in the hole. Then, add brick dust to a trowel and press it against the silicone caulk while it’s still wet. This will give the silicone the appearance and texture of brick.

Repairing Walls

Even though filling in holes in brick is relatively easy, it is important to take proper safety precautions. Wearing safety goggles will protect your eyes from brick dust, for example, and enable you to complete the job safely and efficiently.