What Does Roof Void Mean?

Roof VoidA roof void is a term that’s commonly used to describe a loft or attic space. If you want to know where the roof void is in your property, you’ll find it between the interior side of the roof and the ceilings of the uppermost rooms.

However, some people use the term roof void to refer to smaller, inaccessible parts of the loft, rather than the attic space itself. When used in this context, the void may refer to the relatively small spaces beneath the eaves or other difficult to access parts of the loft area.




What Is a Roof Void Used For?

Roof VoidA roof void may look like empty space but, in fact, it plays an important role in keeping your property in good condition. To prevent condensation build-up, damp and mould, buildings need to be well-ventilated. The roof void facilitates this and ensures that a property can ‘breathe’.

Additionally, insulation is often added to the roof void, to increase the thermal efficiency of a property. When you incorporate insulation into the roof or roof void, you reduce heat loss and ensure that the building retains as much heat as possible. Conversely, in warmer months, insulation can retain cooler air and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


Can You Convert a Roof Void?

If you’re using the term ‘roof void’ to refer to the entire attic space, then it can certainly be converted and made into a usable space. Prior to a conversion, homeowners may use loft space for storage but, typically, it remains unlit and may only feature joists or boards to walk on.

How to Support Roof Purlins

By converting the roof void, however, you can transform the space into a comfortable place to be. Many people choose to increase the value of their property by converting the loft space into another bedroom or using it as a home office, for example.

Is It Easy to Convert a Loft?

Compared to many types of renovations, a loft conversion can be carried out relatively easily. However, if you don’t have professional building experience, you’re going to want to hire a firm of contractors. Once the plans have been finalised and work is underway, a straightforward loft conversion can usually be completed in a number of days. By making the most of the roof void and turning it into usable space, you can enhance your enjoyment of your home and increase its square footage.